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Valerie Anne Barber - Sculpture to Hold
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Valerie Anne Barber   ...Placing Beauty in Your Hand
"Triton and His Seahorses" by Valerie Anne Barber

Description:   Merman with four mythical Sea Horses amidst stylized waves.

Theme:   Teishin (Japanese mythology) and Triton (Roman/Greek mythology) are legendary Mermen.  The Triton is depicted with four Sea Horses, symbolizing " the four directions" and the four elements:  water, fire, earth, and air.

    In Greek mythology, Tritons serve Poseidon (Neptune) who is the god of the sea and of horses as well.  Tritons care for the horses in Poseidon's undersea stables.  Here, Triton defends these familiars from the unknown, unseen dangers.

Note:  This piece was created during a period of great ecological devastation worldwide...earthquake, fire, flood, and landslides throughout many countries during 1995.  "Triton" was carved as a meditation and plea for the calming of the destructive natural forces of these events.

Collection:  Simsbury, Connecticut, USA

"Triton and His Seahorses" - Dimensions
"Triton and His Seahorses" - Side View
"Triton and His Seahorses" - Side View

"Triton and His Seahorses" - Back View

Sculpture to Hold
" Triton and His Seahorses""
Form: Netsuke, Sculpture to Hold
Material: Asian boxwood
Size: 7.8cm x 4.2cm
Inlay: Resin and mammoth ivory dust fishtail spines; handmade glass bead inlay eyes
Onlay: Fossil mammoth ivory trident
Himotoshi: Through tail at back of piece
Signature: Resin and mammoth ivory dust reserve signature
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