Sculpture Gallery:  Valerie Anne Barber - Sculpture to Hold
Valerie's unique vision of the world results from her extraordinary curiosity and investigation into the countless facets comprising the Universe.

Translating her observations through her sculpture, Valerie uses "form within form" as her trademark carving style.  Finely layered detail reflects her perspective of the world as a series of infinite "universe within universe" realms of boundless beauty.   Her intuitive wisdom  intricately translates nature into art.  This is Valerie Anne Barber's way of....

"Triton and His Seahorses"



Whether larger than life, or smaller than your hand,
Valerie Anne Barber's Sculptures are

Exquisite at any Scale...




Placing Beauty in Your Hand




Availability:   We are happy to inform you when pieces related to your specific interest become available.  Please contact the Studio for information about acquiring her recent work.

Collections:   Throughout this presentation, collections that have acquired Valerie's work are mentioned.  In respect of the privacy of Patrons only the location, not the names, of the collections will be listed.

Workshops:   To be announced.  Please inquire about Valerie's workshops in painting, sculpture and creativity enhancement, held on the magical Big Island of Hawaii and in Northern California.

Glossary:   Some words used here may be new to some viewers.   Each page showing Valerie's work has a link to the Glossary of Terms.






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.... Placing Beauty in Your Hand