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Locations of Collectors of Valerie Anne Barbers Work

Valerie Anne Barber's Works are collected throughout the world.
This list outlines the locations of some of Valerie's Works. 
Collectors' names are omitted in respect for their privacy.

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" Perfect Chaos"
Santa Barbara California USA
Pacific Palisades California USA
Tokyo -- Japan
Kamuela Hawaii USA
San Francisco California USA
Dubai -- United Arab Emirates
Simsbury Connecticut USA
Guttenberg New Jersey USA
Mendocino California USA
Sedona Arizona USA
Jakarta -- Indonesia
New York New York USA
Santa Fe New Mexico USA
The Sea Ranch California USA
Minneapolis Minnesota USA
Chicago Illinois USA
Boonton New Jersey USA
Miami Florida USA
Yokohama -- Japan
Falls Church Virginia USA
Gualala California USA
Anchor Bay California USA
Volcano Hawaii USA
Point Arena California USA
Sabastopol California USA
San Rafael California USA
Alfred New York USA
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