Placing Beauty in Your Hand


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Valerie Anne Barber - Studio



Valerie's studio is currently in transition.  On this page are some images connected to her studio on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Images of her new  Studio will be posted here
Road to Valerie Anne Barber Art Studio


View from Studio window


Piece of raw fossil mammoth ivory


Fossil carving material and clay model


Valerie Anne Barber - Sculpture for the Hand



" Earth Egg"
Sculpture to Hold

Below are some of the flowers in bloom on the Island.

(from left to right)  A piece of rare fossil mammoth ivory, 25,000-50,000 years old, is examined for its potential to become a sculpture.  The orientation and density of the material's grain and texture is compared to a clay model of a future sculpture. 
Drawings, models and personal observations all may be used as the carving is laid out.

A concept, a sketch, a horse forms in Valerie's hands.

The piece takes on life as the carving progresses.   Each Sculpture is made with strict attention to  Valerie's trademark "form within form" style of carving.  Layers of intricate detail contain within themselves ever more layers of detail.

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"Earth Egg" by Valerie Anne Barber - Sculpture to Hold



Lehua Blossom


White Ginger

White Ginger